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Mr. Carsten Fuetterer

File I/O: How to read a file with a feature

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if you want to read data from text or csv files it's fairly simple to do it in a feature definition.


We use a simple file like this:




To start we create a new feature definition:




In the "create function" tab, we can use the code templates to create a basic control structure:




The variable "FilePath" is not defined and has to be supplied with an argument. In this case I want the object "file" as an argument. So I comment the first line from the feature and create an new argument:




The feature code looks like this:




You can see that a string is  create for each line of the file. So now we have to split this string in order to access the double values. Therefor I use the split command, which has the output of an objectlist. Then I create a point, which accesses each value of that object list:



Now we have to store the points for each line inside an extra objectlist.Therefor we create a new list and add the point:




Finally we create fore example an bsplinecurve, with the new list of points. Additionally encapsulated the while loop into a persistent section in order to visualize the points for each loop. Otherwise we would just see the last point.




Now we create the feature from the feature definition:





We set the path to the reference file:




This nice dialog only appeared, because we didn't allow expressions for the argument inside the feature definition:



The final curve:



I hope this helps you to create you own custom file reader.


best regards










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