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File I/O: How to write a file with a feature

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In order to write some data into a file, you have to use the FFileOut type of CAESES.


I have attached an example project. It takes the input (which is a 3D point) and writes the coordinates into a file post-8-0-53668300-1502451047_thumb.png. In the GUI, run the feature through the context menu, choose the run action post-8-0-44782700-1502451040_thumb.png.


Here are the settings for the feature arguments: post-8-0-91102300-1502451022_thumb.png


And here is the feature code: post-8-0-35861700-1502451030_thumb.png


If you use the batch mode of CAESES, you can call the command "|writeFile.run()" in the fsc-script.





BTW: I have also set a custom icon for this feature which then appears in the tree. You can choose your own or use existing CAESES icons.


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