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Mr. Carsten Fuetterer

Write parameter setup to file and batch file

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I want to share with you a feature, which writes all parameter and design variables into a file ("allParameter"). In the arguments you can decide if you want to include parameter or just use the design variables.

The feature also creates an .fsc ("setParameter.fsc") file. This can be used to create a specific setup from the file. To open the fsc file in gui mode just go to File->Execute Script.




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Great Carsten, thanks!


If you do not need further customization of the output file, you might also check out the new FSC export (menu > file > export FSC). It takes all the design variables and creates a fsc-file. Ready for use within other optimization tools.


Make sure that you do not select anything when doing the export. This will write all your design variables into the file. Otherwise the export tries to write only the selected design variables into the file. Yes, this is a feature, to be able to write only a subset into the file! If the selection contains no design variables, no information about the design variables will be written into the file - this is a typical confusion source.


Finally, here is a related post with a batch mode example.




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