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Mr. Campus Lindholmen

Extract data points from 2d-plot

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Hi Rickard,


of course you can export point data with CAESES. With the search function in our forum, you will find that there is already a topic.

Here is the link.


Maybe it's necessary that you make some changes in Karsten's feature or you can write a feature by your own for the export. If you have any further question or if you need some help, please ask.


Best regards


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Hello Claus and Patricia,

After running Shipflow I can plot the wave elevation at a certain plain, resulting in a 2d plot. 

computations & results - comp - xpan - free surface - plane cut - 2dplotcurve - 2dplot. It is one of these I would like as a table.


Karstens method seem to be for a geometric curve definition.


Best regards Rickard Lindstrand 

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Hey Campus,


You are right my export is for CAD objects.


The result from the computations (Post-processing) cannot be exported.

You can try to find them in the corresponding file which should be a .cgns file for shipflow as far as I remember.


We just extract these values from the cgns files and visualize them.


Best Regards,



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