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Matthias Maasch

Watertight Propeller STL (optional with shaft and PBCF)

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Hi folks


Please find attached a CFD-ready, fully parametric propeller geometry (optional with shaft and PBCF). Modeled in CAESES. See the marine section for more information about propeller design.




It bases on the model which Daehwan, one of our Naval Architects, posted a while ago:




I made a few changes to make it more user-friendly. First of all this project provides 4 CFD-ready Solids which you can find in the baseline scope. In order to export one of them as a STL file, select it and go to "FILE > EXPORT > STL" or type into the console ".exportSTLExtractColors()" (or similar).




  • STL_Propeller_Only: This is just a watertight propeller with a hub. In order to change the fully parametric blades go to "1_bladeModeling > 2_geometry > 2_blade". There you can find the functions and the blade engine.

post-45-0-54929500-1399910132_thumb.png post-45-0-10524300-1399910558_thumb.png


  • STL_With_Shaft: This Solid consists of the same propeller and a simple shaft.
  • STL_With_Cap: Additionally to shaft and propeller you can find a propeller cap which holds the fins in the next STL file.
  • STL_With_Fins: This is the complete geometry which you can see in the first picture.

A few words to the parameters:

  • You can find the different sets of parameters in "1_parameters" in each Modeling-Scope.
  • I added a documentation to every parameter.
  • You can find one parameter directly in the Baseline-Scope: RBlade (propeller blade radius). This parameter is used as the global scaling parameter. If RBlade=1, every parameter in the project keeps the exact value which you can see (and measure) in the 3dView. By changing the propeller blade radius the whole geometry scales accordingly. Each parameter will keep the initial value in the ratio to the RBlade=1.


[Project File edited 20.10.2014]


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