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Nuttarat Vichanphruek

starccm+ coupled with caeses on cluster

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I have a project to run the simulation on cluster. I set up everything correctly from STAR CCM+ and follow your tutorial perfectly, so I can run the simulation on CAESES via software connection tool on the normal computer. By the way, when I try to run this again on cluster, it does not work. I do not know what is problem. I would appreciate a lot if you anyone can suggest. 

This is my argument for executing: "starccm+ -batch -podkey I*******w -licpath 1999@flex.cd-adapco.com setup.java intake_optimization_0.762.sim"

intake_optimization_0.762.sim is my simulation file name.

After running, the file viewer shows this: Error: /software/sse/manual/star-ccm+/2021.3/16.06.008-R8/STAR-CCM+16.06.008-R8/star/bin/starccm+: Unknown option: intake_optimization_0.762.sim.

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Hi Nuttarat,

Can you please let me know your availability so that we can arrange a web-meeting and I can check your setup.

You can write to erdem@friendship-systems.com

Please take into consideration that we are locate at Central European Time Zone.



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