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Bulbous bow

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I am a student doing my final year project. I have been recently introduced to Caeses software and have been doing several tutorials.

However, I require a document/file specifically for bulbous bow optimization using freeform method. This is because my final year project require me to design a bulbous bow for a ship.

Is there any document/file for bulbous bow optimization?

Thank you in advance.

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Dear Christina,

as mentioned in the other post, you can refer to the "freeformdeformationbulb" tutorial to get a very basic idea of how to apply a ffd to modify an existing bulbous bow. This is one (out of a much larger set) of the available morphing techniques that come with CAESES5. For a bulbous bow I can also definitely recommend to look into delta shifts and BRepMorphing. With these 3 you should have absolutely everything you need to modify an existing bulb geometry. For an optimization of a bulbous bow I would definitely recommend to include some variation of the forward shoulder (so you can achieve a favorable cancellation of waves) as well. Once you do that, you will probably also need to keep an eye on hydrostatics (check if the Lackenby suits your needs) to avoid shifting the LCB to much, or changing the displacement beyond what's feasible for your application.

We have recently hosted a Webinar about morphing capabilities in CAESES5 which might be interesting for you ("How to Efficiently Optimize your Geometry with Morphing in CAESES 5") here: https://www.caeses.com/support/videos/

About the optimization, there are plenty of other tutorials and useful guidelines included in the documentation that should give you a good starting point.

Hope this helps to get you started.

Best regards,

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