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Matthias Maasch

Rudder Bulb (Costa Bulb)

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Hi together,

please find attached a parametric model of a costa bulb and a feature definition. To recover the energy which gets lost by the hub vortex of the rotating propeller a costa bulb can help. I integrated the rudder bulb setup into the feature "Spade Rudder" which is shipped with CAESES/FFW. The bare hull to which I attached the appendages is also shipped with CAESES/FFW.


All you need as input are some propeller parameters.


Please find the feature here: baseline > abdy > appendages > feature:rudder






(fdb file edited, 30.09.2014)






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Hi Matthias,


As a suggestion: Maybe your cool work could be further extended by putting everything into breps so that a closed geometry is given which can be meshed more easily.

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