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  1. Hi, I am currently doing my final year project which my boat is Monotricat vessel. Here I attach a picture for my question. As you can see the displacement is a volume in the picture, so the volume that i got in CAESES is 73m^3, but I import this file igs from Numeca and the volume is 75m^3. Do you know what is cause of the error between Numeca and CAESES volume about? I try my best to find the solution but could not found out. I hope to hear the solution from your team. Thank you in advance
  2. Dear Heinrich, Sorry for disturb you. I have some question for number 3 which is "3. Your Connector runs the local Application FineMarine without any additional arguments. I imagine that you either need to specify the sim file as argument or, alternatively come up with a batch file that takes care of running things." For the batch file, do you have any example or explanation what i need to put in the content/script ? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi Mr. Claus,

    Im doing my research about optimisation modelling toward reducing ship resistance.

    So here i want to connect CAESES with Numeca and i want Numeca run as a background of the simulation to get the resistance, but when i want to run to get the result value, Numeca interference keep pop out which it tell to run in Numeca. Here i attach the picture, in the picture i take the result from Numeca. Can you give me some advice Mr Claus, if my setting is right or not. 

    Thank you in advance


  4. Hi stefan, Im doing my final year project and im trying to connect CAESES with Numeca Fine Marine but I need your advice on the setting. Can i send you the file personally?

    Thank you in advance

  5. hi sir, can you please share how to cut or trim surface as i shown in the figure. thankyou in advance
  6. Dear Mr Heinrich, I have try my best to deform it, but it does not succeed. Here i attach the exercise of the bulb that i have try. Hope you can give some advice Thankyou in advance Mr heinrich. freeformdeformationbulb (1).cdb
  7. hi Mr Heinrich, Currently i am doing my research for my FYP and i want to try FFD method for my outriggers to deform new design but did not deform. Before this i try to do the tutorial of bulb also same, it did not deform. I hope u can give me some advice. Thankyou Mr Heinrich
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