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  1. Hi, Mr. Heinrich, First of all, thank you for your reply. I wanted to create an image surface of my initial hull to do the optimization by using the Lankendby method in order to find the optimum hull form. However, this time the initial hull form consists of many surfaces, approximately 180 surfaces, as I attached below. It is complicated to do image surface 1 by 1 of the initial hull. I already tried your suggestion, but it also makes an image surface from a single surface, not all the surfaces that I put in breps. best regards, Rizuan
  2. Greeting everyone, Currently, I am trying to do optimization of a hull form that consists of many surfaces. Then I put all the surfaces together using "breps". However, when I tried to generate an image surface at the source part, it looked like I had failed to put "Breps" as the source for the image surface. I have attached a picture below for your reference. What can I do to put that "Breps" as the source? I hope you guys can help me with this problem. Thank you.
  3. Hi Mr Heinrich, The CFD software that I will is NUMECA FINE MARINE, currently my institution on progress to buy the license. Best Regards, Rizuan
  4. Hi Mr Heinrich, First of all, thank you for your sir. I already go thought for the tutorials in CAESES, such as hull form modeling using delta shift and lackenby method. However, I unclear about how to put Rt (total resistance) in the set up and how to make the flow of dependency as I attached below. Thank you. Regard, Rizuan
  5. Greeting everyone, I’m a postgraduate student from Malaysia. Currently I doing research of optimization of ship hull form towards reducing total resistance. However, I just a beginner in this CAESES software. I really seek for your guidance. If anyone have an example how to optimize ship hull form, can I have that file to use as my reference. Thank you.
  6. Greeting, Something happened when i traying to login into CAESES. it say no float slot available. Can someone help me. Thank you.
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