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  1. Hi Mr Claus, Actually the objective is to keep constant displacement and to get minimum resistance. I expect that the optimum hull should be more smaller and tapered at the forward part, and a bit bigger at aft part. But what i get after optimize is not as expected and every geometry after optimize is not have significant different from the existing hull. Here i attached the comparison of existing and optimum hull. The yellow line is the optimum hull.
  2. Greetings. I really seek for your guidance. Currently, I'm doing my degree final year project. I need to optimize the hull form to get low resistance without changing the displacement and wetted surface area. I already optimized my geometry to get the best minimum coefficient resistance. I need to maintain the displacement and wetted surface area for the geometry. I use the lackenby method. But, after optimizing the geometry, I achieved the minimum total resistance, but the new hull I obtained had a higher displacement and wetted surface, compared to the original hull form. How can I optimize without any changes to displacement? I hope someone can help me.
  3. Thankyou so much for your great explaination Sir. By the way, do have this files (*picture attach) or any related files regarding hull variation other than in the tutorial ? I only have the manual but not have the files. If you have the files, can you share with me?
  4. Greetings Mr. Heinrich, I have been discovering several samples and tutorials for ship hull optimization. I'm a little bit confused about the use of delta shift and lackenby. I hope you dont mind to give a little bit explaination about the differences of this two features. Thankyou in advance.
  5. Greetings. Hye, i'm new with this software and I'm currently doing final year task on optimizing hull form of fishing vessel. Can anyone give me some guidance to optimize hull form of fishing vessel towards reducing ship resistance with constant displacement and constant center of buoyancy? And which tutorial you prefer me to refer for completing my task? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, i am student and new to Caeses Software. Anyone can give me some short explanation or manual regarding to short command from the caeses especially for the marine application and ship design?
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