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  1. There's only this one option or a blank page, behaviour does not change whether i make screenshots during Sobol or afterwards.Fresh project, only clicks were Open Sample > Optimization > select parameters > new screenshot method > Selecting 3DView > Preview works > 5 iterations > Run.
  2. Thanks a lot! That's great to know CAESES never stops improving :) Regarding questions about tutorials, should i just post them here in Miscellaneous or do you have any better-suited alternatives? I'm struggling with the screenshot collection, it never shows up at the design viewer even though the preview looks fine.
  3. Title, is it possible? I'm noticing changing design variables only hits a single core, which leads to waits of up to 15 seconds while re-rendering the surface with a modern (2019) system. I've noticed the "number or processes" option in settings but it doesn't seemingly change performance(even though i make sure not to increase it above my six-core capabilities). Thanks in advance. EDIT: There was an error within my parameters which slowed the re-rendering a lot, it's back to being almost instantaneous. Still, the question about multi-core workloads remain, as i'm just in the tutorials and imagine more complex structures might benefit from it.
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