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Ms. Eloise Croonenborghs

projected frontal area

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Hi Eloïse,

Please feel free to use the helpdesk, that will probably result in much quicker response. 

Do you have one x-position where you could cut your trimesh by a sectionGroup (only one section)? Then you can ask the section for its area, trim at the waterline etc ....



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Hi Eloise


The procedure to get a section area is like below :


1. Create a SectionGroup at one x position from trimesh, surfaces or brep.

2. Convert the SectionGroup to OffsetGroup.

3. Extract an offset

4. Create a BSplinecurve from the offset

5. Cut the curve at draft (using ImageCurve manipulation.)

6. Get the areas from lower curve and upper curve.



All steps are introduced in the FDB you could download from the link :






As Claus said, I also recommend to use HelpDesk for any questions.



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