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Mr. George Kavvas

Export wavecut data points from shipflow

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Hello everyone,


I am currently working on my thesis <Optimazation of a sailing catamaran> and I am using

CAESES for the parametric model and SHIPFLOW for the potential solver. 

So far so good I managed to run shipflow without any errors. Now I would like to present

my results of the wave pattern and more specifically I want to export the data points of 

a wave-cut curve.


Concerning the shipflow manual there is a build-in configuration for wavecuts under XPAN commands.

At first I tried to follow the shipflow manual ( with lwavec= [0.5] and dxwave= [0.01] )

but the result output file LWAVECUT was empty.


I have produced the wave-cut curve at y/L=0.5 by using a PlaneCut in the free surface object.


But I would like to have the data points of that 2d curve in order to compare it with that of the

initial design and i can't really figure out how to.


Could you please advice on how to proceed.


Thank you in advance

George Kavas

National Technical University of Athens

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