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Mr. Konrad Lorentz

Sailing: Polar modeling to use it in external apps.

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Sailing is fun!


More and more gadgets are used to make sailing on yachts more "efficient".



I will sail longer distances and will take part in an offshore race. Polar diagrams will help me to find out the boat speed on the predicted wind conditions.


But I hadn't the correct format of the polar information to use it in my programs. I want to use QTVlm and iRegatta.


I decided to remodel my curves in the FRIENDSHIP-Framework (CAESES will also work) using interpolation curves.


I created a GLPictureframe. loaded the polar plot image found in the web as png.


I switched to the grid view and added some points on the curve (windspeed curve).


Put them into a scope, used these points to create an interpolation curve.




The curves are there!


The next step is to define a functionality to get the boat speed using the TWA (TrueWindAngle) and the TWS (TrueWindSpeed).




Now I created a loop around it, to call the function with different curves (windspeeds) and different attack angles.


"Playing" around: (press the Run button on the feature)






Next step: Put the console output into a text file, load it in your app and have fun.


QtVlm's folder for polar plots is: C:\Program Files\qtVlm\polar


iRegatta can import it out of DropBox with the "Open in iRegatta" Option.

2013-06-11 07.55.12.png


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