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Mr. rickor orton

Run a design engine on an arbitrary external parameter set

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Dear all,


I have a hull design that depends on several parameters. In a first run I used an EnsembleInvestigation to find feasable designs whereby I did some parameter optimization.

Now I would like to use the feasable designs as input parameters combinations for a SHIPFLOW analysis. Of course this could be all done in one step, but I would like to be able to add some designs manually in an Excelsheet to compare my intuition with hard mathematics. Furthermore, I would like to accumulate the results from several SHIPFLOW calculations per design (basically looking at different Froude numbers) to calculate a parameter to rank the designs based on these several SHIPFLOW calculations. Manual evaluation is out, because we are talking about several thousand results. Obviously I would like to name the designs in a way that I can easily trace them back to my input parameter sets. I already wrote a nice feature to import an arbitrary CSV file into a table to get my desired parameter combinations into SHIPFLOW.

Now I see two principle ways to solve that:

  1. I could try to create an EnsembleInvestigation in which I try to manipulate the hull parameters before I start SHIPFLOW and after it finishes. I tried that, but ran into some problems (furthermore this is not my preferred way)
  2. I could create a feature that sets my hull parameters, creates a copy of the design and runs SHIPFLOW in this newly created design (this approach looks preferable to me since better control is possible).

I am experiencing some difficulties with approach 2 as well: I cannot create a copy of the baseline within the feature that apperears properly in the Optimization tab. If I do a copy from the console using design(getcurrentdesign()) I only get an empty new design. How can I create a complete copy within a feature that properly appears in the Optimization tab? How do I change the current design? Can I start an EnsembleInvestigation in such a new design from within my feature?


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Hi Rickor,

You can use the design assembler for running designs of your choice from a spreadsheet, see attachment.



For naming of designs there is an option in the general section of the design engines, see pictures below.




And for running a set of Froude numbers you can simply set up a number of computations.

Hope that helps.




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