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Mr. Matthew Wegener

[Help] Trying to import wing geometry into Fluent using the CAESES Addin

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I just finished creating the wing profile in the initial tutorial (FirstModelingSteps) and was trying to import it into Ansys Workbench to run a CFD simulation. I exported the project as an .fsc file as required by the add-in, but I am running into the following error:


Update failed for the CAESES Geometry component in CAESES.  User OnUpdate Callback Error:Local variable 'geoName' referenced before assignment.


I have included the project file and a screenshot of the error message below. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction?






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Hi Matthew,


When I have checked the project the first point observed is that, your export folder is not provided with the geometry export type and name information.




Please also check the ANSYS ACT App tutorial within CAESES about how to use and install the app.





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