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Mr. Xavier Arosemena

Caeses & OpenFOAM: Sduct tutorial

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Hello everybody!


I have a few days on the openfoam connection, and searching through the forum about it.


I'm trying to follow the "Sduct with OpenFOAM" tutorial, to get a grasp of it. I got to the step 10 (triggering the first run).


The "stdouterroroutput.redirect" file states the error: "fileName::stripInvalid() called for invalid fileName complete/path/to/Runner For debug level (= 2) > 1 this is considered fatal".

This goes for:

Exec   : blockMesh -dict system/blockMeshDict

Exec   : snappyHexMesh -overwrite

Exec   : simpleFoam

But in none of these files is there a filename specified, so I got no idea what's happening.



Other question:

The tutorials and video talk of these "software connector" that has been configured before, is there a tutorial to learn to configure this file? Should I install Helyx-os for handling these files? Or I can do that from CAESES?


Cheers, and thanks for your time.



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