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Mr. Dong Jiang

export lines plan in dwg format for ship builders

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It is very pratical for naval architect to have a lines plan in dwg format so they can do further work in AutoCAD.


Actually, every naval architect need to view lines plan in AutoCAD. Normally, the procedure is they get a hull design from CAESES, for instance, and then import it into NAPA by igs format, then get a dwg file from NAPA. It's low efficient and complicated.


So it would be really helpful if CAESES can get a lines plan in CAESES. Techincally, I think it's not too difficult, just get some sections from X, Y ,Z directions. 


I attach a lines plan to make sure you really understand what I mean.




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Hi Daniel,


Thanks a lot for this good input - we already discussed this topic in our team. We will try to come up with a solution in the future.




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