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Mr. kurada raju

caeses-free -not able to use

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Dear Kurada,


After more than three years of offering CAESES® Free along with our pro-version CAESES®, we are repositioning our product portfolio. In this context, CAESES® Free will not be available for new users in 2017. However, we will still offer free academic non-commercial licenses for students and PhD students, as well as free trial licenses. Check out the CAESES® product page for more information and license options.





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Any thoughts on how to activate my last CAESES Free license (running to the end of June 2017) on a new Linux laptop (as the screen physically broke off of my old one)?


On my old laptop I had been able to update to 4.2 from within the application, but installing 4.2 on the fresh machine doesn't seem to offer registering with my Free license.

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