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Problems with GUI Menu

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If you have problems with the menu entries such as

  • menu entries disappeared
  • menu entries are colored grey and you cannot access them

then you might have a problem with the configuration files (.cfg).


These files control the menu structure and can be found in e.g. "[userName]/AppData/Roaming/friendship/etc" (user application data, depending on the OS, this is the Vista/Win7 path). It is not the "etc" dir located in the installation directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\FRIENDSHIP-SYSTEMS\Framework\etc").


This might come from crashes (i.e. the cfg-files are not saved properly).


Solution: Delete your cfg-files in the folder mentioned above.


Alternatively (if you are able to access the file menu): choose file > settings > button "Reset to Factory Settings"




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Hi Joerg,


This post helped me complete my installation under Ubuntu 12.04 (stadard with Unity), thanks!


Most of the menu items (but File and Help) were missing.  After deleteing cfg files all of them went completely missing :)

But this helped me figure out plugin libraries don't load at all -- CAESES don't like long foder names, with spaces and / or using Cyrillic.  Like 'My Documents'.

Moved the whole thing to simple/short name folder and now it works just file, all plugins load OK and all menu items are visible.


Thanks again,


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You can also try out to restart CAESES using the "reset to factory settings" menu entry: post-8-0-25984600-1557320439_thumb.jpg

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