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Matthias Maasch

Bulbous Bow Shape Analysis

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Hi folks


please find attached a Feature Definition for a "Bulbous Bow Shape Analysis" and a Feature Definition which can be used in a CurveEngine for creating a MetaSurface.






[edited 05.10.14 - tangent analysis included]


In order to replace a Bulbous-Bow-IGES-Import by a fully parametric MetaSurface you can use this Feature by execute the following steps:


  • Create a Surface Group including all the IGES-surfaces
  • Create a new Feature Definition and reload the Analysis-Feature, apply and create the Feature by right click on the Feature Definition>Create Feature
  • Pass the Surface Group to the Analysis-Feature and enter (if necessary) start- and end-position in x-direction of the bulbous bow
  • Additionally give a number of offsets (30-50 should be a good choice)
  • Run the Feature


This will create function curves which can be used to create a MetaSurface.


post-45-0-19037800-1411735980_thumb.png post-45-0-92099700-1411735949_thumb.png


The next steps should be:


  • Re-model the function curves by e.g.  FSplineCurves
  • Create parameters for some values of the new curves, like start/end position, start/end tangent or area


post-45-0-96317600-1411735297_thumb.png post-45-0-71480300-1411735327_thumb.png


  • Create a CurveEngine
  • Create a new Feature Definition, reload the Section-Feature and apply
  • Select the Bulbous-Bow-Section-Feature and pass the new function curves to the Engine
  • Additionally you can set start- end end-tangent values
  • Create a MetaSurface, select the Curve Engine and set the base positions according to the start- and end-position in x-direction

Now you will have a single Metasurface, which is parametric and ready for a design study.


post-45-0-41108200-1411736016_thumb.png post-45-0-57510100-1411735914_thumb.png





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