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Volume error

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I am currently doing my final year project which my boat is Monotricat vessel. Here I attach a picture for my question. As you can see the displacement is a volume in the picture, so the volume that i got in CAESES is 73m^3, but I import this file igs from Numeca and the volume is 75m^3. Do you know what is cause of the error between Numeca and CAESES volume about? 

I try my best to find the solution but could not found out. I hope to hear the solution from your team. Thank you in advance


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Dear Aina,

I am happy to take a look but would need the project file and/or the exported IGES you mentioned. 

From the screenshot it looks as if your geometry is not fully watertight -- that might be a starting point for investigation. Furthermore, the displacement calculation is based on the triangulation settings -- the coarser, the larger the error. But typically the deviations here are not as large as you experienced them.

Finally, if you calculate displacement at a certain draft, heel and trim, the order of transformations and the origin you choose may drastically impact the result. I don't know about Numeca, but in CAESES we transform in the order  heel, trim, draft and use [0,0,0] as default origin. You can also specify otherwise by using the .getDisplacementOrigin() command.

Kind regards,

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