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Fillet operation between two Brep models

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Hello there,

I have a question about automating the fillet operation between two brep models.

For my case, I have a fuselage body created by using loft and then I have another side body like a wing that is created by using also loft. When I select one of the brep and add the other one as a source for the boolean union operation and activate the fillet no matter what value radius/distance I give it doesn't generate the fillet. 

I was wondering what aspects of those two brep model doesn't let the fillet succeed?

My side body kinda wing body as a flat trailing-edge with an edge length around 0.0005 and the whole model is in meter.



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Attached you can see there are three bodies. Body 1 is a wing, Body 2 is a fuselage, and Body 3 is a side body kinda thing. All these three bodies are union-ed using the boolean operation. When I activate the filleting it doesn't show anything or if I change the radius/distance it jumps out with segmentation fault. What is the best practice to put fillet on the connection edge between these three bodies.

p.s. since these three Brep bodies are parameterized their size is changing.

Cheers, Pay.

Screenshot from 2022-11-06 13-42-33.png

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