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Greetings everyone.

I have discovered this tutorial on creating geometries using smart design variables. I found that they're using FDevaDouble and able to alter the geometry just by changing the value from FDevaDouble. Turns out FDevaDouble is the command for design variable. However, when I tried clicking design variable, it came out as FParameter. Have anyone tried this tutorial before and could you give me a clue on how does it work?

Herewith I attached a snip from the tutorial as well as the link to the tutorial (minute 1:25)

Thank you in advance.




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Dear Christina,

what is shown in the video is just an example of parametric geometry modelling. In CAESES you typically define parameters to be used within your model. If you change their values, the geometry is changed as well, depending on how you used them. Parameters can not just hold double values, but also complex expressions (mathematical and also wrt. other objects in your project).

In addition, any parameter can be turned into a DesignVariable (just select it and click the check box in the object editor). Design Variables can NOT hold expressions, but just doubles (or integers, if specified) and additional lower and upper bounds. The main point here is that Design Variables are the type you use if you want to automatically change their values through a Design Engine (like an optimization algorithm that changes the DVs to modify the geometry to find the optimum shape...)

Hope this clarifies things a bit for you. You will also find detailed explanations, as well as samples and tutorials in the CAESES documentation.


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