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Mr. Carsten Fuetterer

Design of a VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) (Darrieus-Rotor)

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attached is an example of a vertical axis wind turbine, modeled in CAESES. It is fully parametrized, so that an optimization with an external cfd tool can easily be executed.

The shape can be varied from straight blades up to blades that are twisted around the vertical axis (helix). The helix shape helps to minimize the effects of uneven distributed forces along the axis and during the rotation. As a result the VAWT will oscilate less which makes it more robust.

Further design parameters:

  • pitch
  • camber
  • camber position
  • chord length
  • radius
  • mid radius

I created a simple cfd calculation with STARCCM+ to show some post processing functionalities.


Have fun with the model







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