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Mr. Matthias Krueger

How to trimm or cut a curve

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I want to trimm the smaller black circle at the point where the dot is (s. attached picture). Is there a possibilty? Because I need one closed curve to creat a surface later.

Or maybe I can creat a new circle. But I don't know how to get the end angle.


Thank you for your help.




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Hi Matthias,


See the attachment:


  • Find the intersection between the two curves via intersection point
  • Create an image curve and ...
  • Use the intersection parameter (via a command) for setting up a subcurve







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HI Matthias,


Another option would be to set the start angle of the circle to the corresponding angle which again you can derive from the tangent of the line pointing to(or from) the center of the circle. E.g. yourCircle.setStartAngle(yourline.getTan(2,1)+90) or similar, depending on the orientation of the line and the circle.




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