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Same Variants in Genetic Algorithms

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I am not sure if it has recently changed in CAESES, but I have a suggestion to speed up optimization process.

Same variants from the previous populations are created and analysed again and again. Of course,  it is the nature of the genetic algorithms and nothing to do with CAESES. However, it would be very nice if CAESES searchs for all designs one by one to see whether current variant is identical with one of the designs created before. If this is the case, just copying the results, analysis files and all the other documents from same variant's folder to the current one should be enough. Exhaustive search is much more faster than performing CFD/FEM analysis.

Stay healty and safe.


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That is actually the case. If you use the result pool, exactly that happens. You can even define an epsilon (at the design variable) which will regard two variable values as "the same" within that range. If e.g. all design variables for a large structure are within 0.1 mm, you should probably not trigger the simulation .... the default is zero.



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