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Found 4 results

  1. I reduced the maximum radius of my blade to 0.95 and then adding the propeller tip as the official guide suggests, but I ended up with this weird folded geometry for me at the tip. I played around with the maximum radius with no change, so I'm not sure what's causing it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Here are some pictures of the weird tip geometry; I also attached my project file below. propeller.cdbc
  2. ---------------------- Propellers ------------------------------ This is a META-thread, which helps you to keep track of all posts relevant to Propellers. - The first post should contain links to all relevant threads. It is re-edited regularly. - I try to keep this META up to date. However, I don't always catch everything, so please post links to any threads you think should be here. I will add them to the existing ones in the first post and periodically clean all other post from this thread. Thanks, Mattia --------------------------------------------------------------------- Exporting STL files of a propeller Watertight propeller model with shaft and boss cap fins Creating and exchanging 2D profile definitions in propeller blades models Creating propeller drawings Propeller design according to Wageningen B-Series Changing rotational direction Closing the propeller blade tip Comparison of 2D sections Surface piercing propellers (e.g. racing propellers)
  3. Hi, I want to replicate the attached propeller from Torqeedo. End goal is 3D print it and use it on my boat. Accuracy is not an issue and something looks similar to the reference image is fine. I checked the Wageningen online tool but its only for B-series. I need help with identifying the prop type (name, series etc.,) and guidance on how to model it in CAESES (if at all it's possible) Thanks!
  4. Hey, There is a video available with regard to Propeller Design. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpyZ3vTGct8&list=UU0GfNDj5JIoBWR-YUFQ_xMA The video shows how to create a parametric 2D profile definition in a few steps. This profile defintion will be connected to the blade object. The parametric profile is created with two Fsplines and an offset curve with some parameters which can be used in a variation or an optimization. Best Regards Karsten
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