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  1. Hello all, I am running an optimization process using the Dakota MOGA and each design is evaluated using COM interface with external software. It means, any “connection setting” does not define, because the FFW communicate with the external software via COM interface. Unfortunately, it will be so time consuming, if I run it as usual. I need to reduce runtime. By the way, I am able to use multiple instance of the external software on my machine, for example, I can open the external software five times and run an independent design on each one manually in the same time. So, the ideal process is using the parallel running the external software by FFW, then I can assess all designs in one generation in the same time. For example, at the same time that, the program is evaluating the first design, the second design would be evaluated by another license of external software on a single machine. Considering the connection via COM interface and parallel running on one computer, is there any idea to help? Best Regards Hamidreza
  2. Hello all, I didn’t find a detail description about implemented methods of NSGA-II in the tutorial, for example I want to know: - Which cross over method is used? - What kind of mutation is applied? - is there any possibility to define an integer design variable (including the integer coding inside the algorithm)? - can I change the code of algorithm to satisfy my requests? If you have any source, I will be thankful to know about that. Cheers, Hamidreza
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