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  1. The solution was to run both the simflow installer and CAESES installer with admin rights and run them with admin rights. No issues now!
  2. So update I followed several of the Ahmed, Sduct and propeller OpenFOAM for Windows setups. I've downloaded simFlow engine for Openfoam for windows and found the .bat file actually runs fine on my desktop through terminal/command prompt however when I allow CAESES to execute the file it fails to find any of the commands stated such as blockMesh etc. So is this an administrator rights issue or something else that I can edit to fix? I literally copied over the Sduct simflow workflow demo and if I execute the Allrun.bat or manually execute each command via command prompt outside of CAESES everything works fine. Only when CAESES is told to run the .bat I receive issues with unrecognized commands for the dictionary etc. So Im unsure why through the software connector its unable to execute properly. I also relinked all the files to the folder. Moving C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner/input/0 to C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner//0 Moving C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner/input/allrun.bat to C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner//allrun.bat Moving C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner/input/constant to C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner//constant Moving C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner/input/system to C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner//system [Captured output from application C:/Users/Christian/Desktop/simflow/manual_results/baseline/Runner//allrun.bat] C:\Users\Christian\Desktop\simflow\manual_results\baseline\Runner>surfaceFeatureExtract 'surfaceFeatureExtract' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. C:\Users\Christian\Desktop\simflow\manual_results\baseline\Runner>blockMesh 'blockMesh' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. C:\Users\Christian\Desktop\simflow\manual_results\baseline\Runner>snappyHexMesh -overwrite 'snappyHexMesh' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
  3. bump same issue my ./Allrun does not work meanwhile OF4WIN does work. I can run manually the configuration and then I can run the STL with linux commands. As soon as I attempt to use the ./Allrun script it will not run any of the commands and I have attempted to simplify my commands even to just blockMesh and it will not find the commands. The terminal from CAESES outputs that top response because it is not finding any of the commands from the dictionary. Weird because ./Allrun script shouldn't be causing these issues unless there is a weird communication or specific structure
  4. My issue is when I import a set of coordinates from Solidworks and generate an Image curve, the resulting curve is open-loop rather than a closed-loop. I have included a file where I import the data points, the curve was generated and then a ruled surface was executed. From experience, I found I want the original points to form a closed-loop so I do not need to post-process further to close the resultant curve from the imported data. In the CAESES file, you will find the airfoil import Feature Definition I used from a previous forum post and modified so it retained my coordinate system. How can I modify this Feature Definition so that the resulting curves are closed. The open ends are called Airfoil:Located:Start and End so I assume within the feature definition I would include an expression to automatically create a surface-normal line from the end point to the start point and wrap the two curves in a polycurve. The preferred, ideal method is where I import the raw points, put them at radial positions and create ruled surfaces between. Also is there an extrude style option or would I have to close the geometry using lids/endplates/etc. The file looks incomplete because I had to delete some of the geometry I can't disclose. help.fdbc
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