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  1. Hi every professional, First of all, I would like to ask about why I did the same practice from freedeformation tutorial to obtain the optimum angle of rotation for my ship's bulbous bow but it fail to do deformation of bulbous bow in my ship model. Why this condition will happen (as shown in picture) and anyone knew the way to solve this problem? Your help is highly appreciate for me, thank you. Sincerely, Ms Daphne.
  2. Dear Mr/ Mrs First of all, I would like to ask professional " How to export selected STL file with meshing". Because i try to select export and choose the type to select and finally export a burst file which unable to read in another CFD software. Anyone know the solution for this problem and provide the guidance for me? Thanks for your convience and help. Sincerely, Daphne
  3. I am newbie Caeses software user. Please provide me some useful guidance for me. Thank you very much Cheers, Daphne
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