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  1. Hello to everyone, Is there any way to input a criterion of convergence when running an optimization algorithm like NSGA-II ? Thank you, Chris
  2. Hello to everyone and yeahp i started a month ago laying my hands on CAESES software. So, I ve got some questions that i d like to pose concerning the design of a yacht hull for which i was given an AUTOCAD lines plan (i ve read some related posts but i haven't figured out what is the most suitable way to proceed). To start with when i import the curves they appear on CAESES as NURBS but separated in 100+ separate entries, which are really hard to edi, am i right? 1) So how can i "connect" them in order to further edit them. i guess i can create a polyline -> imageCurve and then traslate it ? 2)if i do that, what is the base point (as we 'd say in AUTOCAD) for the traslation ? is it the starting point of the polycurve? 3)is the aforementioned way the most suitable way (i would like to create a parametric design in order to optimize it)? cause my guess is, that image curve is not really helpful (maybe just to have sth to visually compare) 4}how can i copy/paste let's say these cuvres at another project? Thank you very much for your support, Cheers to everyone, Chris *At the attached file the imported NURBS curves are under Chine Scope
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