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    Hi CJ, from visual diagnostic, it looks like a misplaced point - maybe a sign error or a bad dependency? Actually It depends on how you set up the keel line, especially the point or curve, which is going crazy. You can take a deeper look at the faulty design(s) by double clicking on it at the Result Table, or below the Object Tree at the Optimize workspace. BUT only apply changes the baseline design - every change you make inside an other design than the baseline, will not be considered for further design engines - these are always based on the baseline. But you can try out solutions by unlocking the design -> Search for your keel line and its sources. You can check the dependencies of the problematic curve. Right click on the object inside the Object Tree and select "Show Dependencies" - at the upper left corner of the Dependencies window you can switch "Show Clients" or "Show Supplier". Hope that helps, Best, Carl
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    Hi CJ, I guess I would just create a planar BRep intersection (BRep-based curves) and from this get the area. See attached project... Cheers, Heinrich fishingVessel.cdb
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