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here is an example of a central mixer for process engineering purposes. An example were such mixers are used, shows following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAjX1bcT3Z0.


Mixers in the process industry are mostly highly energy intense to achieve the goal of homogenization, suspension or for example emulsification. Therefore the optimization of the shape and position of the mixer should be considered in the planning of the plant.


With CAESES/FFW it is possible to adapt a model to a huge variety of mixer shapes, to optimize the mixer for a specific goal via coupling to a CFD software like STAR-CCM+.


This model can be varied between following shapes: Propeller mixer, disc-mixer, oblique blade mixer and even skew, rake and camber can be applied to the blade. With the help of the powerful optimization engines of FFW the best design for your specific mixing application can be found.


Transient CFD calculations can be very time intense. That is why in the first step of the optimization process only one blade of the mixer is calculated in an "open water" surrounding. In most mixing applications the thrust is the most important parameter to get a good and fast mixing result. For this reason the objective of this calculation is to get the maximal thrust with a low moment.


If you are interested of how to connect STAR-CCM+ to CAESES/FFW then please find attached the documentation and all the necessary files.


To start a calculation do following:

  • drag and drop the STAR-CCM+ SIM file to the Input Files section of the SoftwareConnector
  • specify your STAR-CCM+ license options in the Arguments section of the Calculation
  • specify the path of the executable of STAR-CCM+ in Local Execution Settings


Best regards


Carsten Fütterer







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