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Hi everyone, 
I am a beginner to CAESES. I was going through the tutorial names Fast_Monohull. 


In that it asked to
► Create a multi-segmented smooth curve via Features >

hull design > Multi-Segmented Smooth Curve.
► Click “Create” in the appearing window.

Under the Features tab, I am unable to find the Hull Design option. I can only see -
- Available definitions
- New definition
- In user directory
- Older definitions
Where do I find the missing options? I have attached the screenshot as Myscreen.jpg . Capture.jpg shows the actual menu.



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Hi Ashesh,


I guess you are using an old version of CAESES.

Within the new version, which is the v4.4.2 the tutorials are updated accordingly.


In either case, you can find the mentioned curve under Curves within the toolbar between the object tree and the 3D viewer.

Please check the attached picture.





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