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Mr. Prachi Lomde

copy of offsets and offsetGroups?

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I was a bit confused, that statments like

offsetGroup originalGroup(<fill in some offsets here>)
offsetGroup copyOfGroup(originalGroup)

would no create a deep copy of all the points of all the offsets in the original group: When I modified the coordinates of the offsets of the copyOfGroup using setEqualCoordinates(...) I always would modify the  free netflix tech news original points of the original offsets in originalGroup. That is not really what I expected. That means that the second statement above does not create a deep copy of the original group but rather a copy of the list of references to the original sections. Is there any particular reason for this behaviour?

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Hi Prachi,


Since offset or offsetgroup data are static values, when we change the values in copyOfGroup(originalGroup) then the values in originalGroup(offsets) are to be changed, too. 



Usually I follow a mechanism utilizing imageOffsetGroup to copy an offsetGroup and edit it freely out of the original offsetGroup.



OffsetGroup OG(offsets)

Imageoffsetgroup IG(OG)

OffsetGroup CG(IG)



Like this way the copied offset group can be editted freely out of original offset group. I hope you could get a helpful idea from this.


When you provide me your FDB file, then I think I would try setting it up for your purpose.





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