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Mr. Neukam Johannes

sshmanager Testcase failed - where to find logs?

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thanks to your help, I was able to run CAESE Trial Version succesfully on my local machine (Windows 7). Now I would like to send the jobs over to my linux Workstation for computation and found the sshmanager software. I read the manual to set it up and while the temp folder is succesfully created on my linux workstation, the testcase fails.




The configuration I use looks like this:




Where may I find more information to figure out, why neither the testcase, nor my actual optimization runs on a remote workstation?


kind regards,



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Dear Johannes,


Please modify the SFTP Root to "/" instead the long one.


The folder /tmp1/remotecaeses/tmp exists and is writeable for the user?


It may be a problem of writing the _runRemoteProcess_.bat file...




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Hi Johannes,


just for completeness: By default, the log files are located in the "logs" subdirectory of the SshResourceManager's installation directory, the location can be changed through the SshResourceManager.properties file or the administration web interface.



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