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CJ Coll

CAESES & StarCCM+ Connection Question

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I have worked through the sduct tutorial for StarCCM connection and have made it to the 'runner' part. When I press the green play button, the bottom of the screen will turn orange and a message appears at the bottom saying ready, but nothing is happening. I do not know what I am doing wrong because I have correctly set the StarCCM file path.

Do I first have to go into StarCCM and create a macro to open the file? Do I first need to export the trimesh as an STL? Am I using the right argument?

I have been stuck on this for some time and cannot figure out why it is not running, or if it is running, how do I know it's running and not waiting hours to finish the simulation?

Argument = " -batch macro_master.java -power -podkey MYCODE -new"



Any comments are much appreciated


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Hi CJ,

sounds like CAESES is waiting for StarCCM+ to return the results files. You can either follow the output in the CAESES Task Monitor, or navigate to the current design directory (if you manually execute the connector this would be .../manual_results/baseline/Runner) and see what's happening in there.

Basically, the directory should include everything you need to run the external computation. Just give it a try and make sure it is working (by manually calling the script or StarCCM+ with the corresponding macro inside that directory). Once you have confirmed the computation runs independent of CAESES, you can come back and trouble shoot the connection set-up in CAESES.


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