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I work in the field of parametricization and optimization of vessel hull form.

I want to take the parameterized model in cases for HEEDS MDO software. HEEDS mdo software has an entry portal for Caeses software, which is a file in fsc format. takes input

I output the parameterized file in fsc format from caeses, but it does not show the parameters in the heeds software. Do you suggest a method to connect two software?

Ex3.fdb EX3_New.heeds EX3.fsc

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Hi Ail,

there should be a generic integration of external tools into heeds that is based on running the external tool in batch mode via a script. CAESES wise things look good -- by changing the values in your fsc file you willl be able to create different geometry variants. You will probably need to define an export, though. How to actually trigger thigs from HEEDS' side is probaby a question their support can help you with.

Btw: from the fsc file you attached, I take it that you still run a very old CAESES 4 installation -- I hihly recommend you to upgrade to the latest 5.x.


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