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Ms. Yanxin Feng

Software connector "CAESES+python"

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Dear all,

I am trying to connect CAESES to python code via Software connector. The example is to optimize a can. 

I already checked the tutorial of connecting to an external software. I followed the tutorial step by step. However, after I put the executable file for python, it just showing pending but no results, then the CAESES will crash or I have to cancel the run manunally to stop it.

I don't know what is the problem, so any advice will help. Thanks a lot in advance.


PS: Path for the executable file: C:/Users/fengy/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python310/python.exe

Here is the screenshot of my software connector.



logout.txt optcan.py

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Dear Yanxin,

The setup  looks good for the start. There is just one missing part in your software connection. You trigger the execution/start of python correctly. So python starts in the background, however does not know which commands/scripts to execute or what to do next, so it stays in the "pending" mode, waiting for input.

Therefore, you need to tell python which script to run as an argument. You can find the input field if you expand the "Execution Settings".




In addition, I added quotation marks in your script in line 11 which caused a syntax error).



Here is the project file for you as a reference. (Note: I changed the path to my python executable to test on my PC. Please, adapt the path accordingly to your executable file again.)


Have a nice day.

Kind regards,


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