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How to make dynamic contents in feature definition arguments

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Hello, everyone.

I have a problem implementing some functions while making a feature definition.

When creating an input values of a feature definition, I want to create or show a new item according to the initial input value. 

I think this is called "dyanmic contents" 

For example, if I enter "2" in first input values, two new empty input spaces are created. 

Perhaps if the "Is Hidden Condition" or "Is Enabled Condition" in the "Advanced" Column in arguments are met, the function will work.

But I don't know how to write or code it.

I would appreciate it if you could give me an example of this.

Thank you for your reply in advance.

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Hi David,

You are on the right track 🙂 In the "Advanced" Edit Menu of the input Arguments you can set the "Is Hidden Condition". 

You need to make sure that each time you insert a first input value, your editor gets refreshed. So for your first input argument you toggle the "refreshes editor" button (see screenshot).



For the following dynamic input fields you can reference the first input value for example with


and add a condition to it.




I will attach a simple example feature definition here for you to test.


I hope this helps.



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