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Mr. Carsten Fuetterer

Find Leading Edge of NACA-4DS Profile and Measure the Time

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in some cases it is hard to get the exact position of the leading edge of a NACA profile, because the t-parameter (curve parameter) is not at 0.5 anymore. That is why I wrote a small feature which finds the t-parameter for the point which has the longest distance to the trailing edge.


Furthermore I included a few lines in the feature to measure the elapsed time. This can be helpful to optimize your feature. (Thanks Stefan for this.)









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I had written a feature to do the same, but instead of maximizing the distance to the trailing edge I seeked the point on the airfoil where the tangent vector is normal to the line between the trailing edge and that point, by minimizing their dot product. This is the same method as in XFOIL, for instance.


So far so good... until now. My feature is not robust, I guess, and I can't open a file in which I included a calculation based on it. The software hangs, please see the snapshop attached. Maybe I should have posted this in other section of the forum, but it had something to do with this feature. If you could help me with this I would appreciate it. I would like to recover that file, if possible.




PS: No attachments, I have to learn first how to do it.

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