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Matthias Maasch

Feature definitons shipped with CAESES® / FRIENDSHIP-Framework

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for some of the everyday problems of a CAE-Modeler CAESES® / FRIENDSHIP-Framework provides many useful feature definitions. You can find all feature definitions which are shipped with CAESES® / FRIENDSHIP-Framework in the "Features" tab.


You can find those of the features which are related to CAD objects like points, curves, surfaces etc. in the "CAD" tab, too.


A general overview of the features can be found in the Documentation Browser in the "Features" tab.



Just as an example:

You want to close the end of a pipe with a lid. Instead of spending your time with modeling a lid surface by your own you can use the feature "Lid for closed surface edge" (Features > Surfaces > Misc > Lid for closed surface edge).

post-45-0-58774500-1380713273_thumb.png post-45-0-35702300-1380712258_thumb.png

Of course it is possible to edit a feature definition to extend the functionality to your needs. After changing the feature definition you can export it to your user directory to have it accessible in other projects as well. To get access to it: "Features > In User Directory".

post-45-0-67868600-1380713506_thumb.png post-45-0-08110500-1380713979_thumb.png






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