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Nuttarat Vichanphruek

Beginner question about waterjet intake duct modeling

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I try to generate the waterjet intake duct model. At this moment, I have done to generate the four boundaries, but I have a problem with surface generation. I try many ways such as gordon surface, loft, and coons, but they do not work well. For now, I decide to divide the surface into two parts including the fore part and aft part, then I use the meta surface to generate the fore surface part by fspline curve section, while for the aft part, I use loft and it seems good. However, there are two errors. First, the surfaces are not connected that well between fore and aft. Second, there is the discontinous curve and the end of the duct. 







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Dear Nuttarat,

I am sorry that I didn't find some time to look into this earlier. From what you have sent, it can be seen, that the discontinuity in the rail of your surface causes the irregularities:


If you replace this rail with a continuous version that looks somewhat like this, the surface quality already gets much better:


In a BRep, you can now simply extend this surface and trim it at the symmetry plane:


It is far from perfect, but hopefully a good starting point for you...



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