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Hi Johannes,


If you use the hydrostatic computaiton based on Sections or Offsets, the wetted surface can not be computed, because the of the uncertainty of the "ends" of offsetgroups. However, if you have a surface model you can put all surfaces into a SurfaceGroup and use the function getDisplacement(....). Please make sure that the surface normals point into the same direction. You can find a feture in the Feature menu "hull design" called displacement from surface group. In the attached example I have created one. If you detach (right click on) the Feature you get parameters that display the way the data is extracted from the function getDisplacment(), which returns the displacement volume, the wetted surface and the 3 coordinates of the center of buoyancy. 

If you want to modify a surface with implicit point representation (no point objects), you can select the surface and then press the button as shown in the second picture.


Have fun!




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Hai Sir,

I wanted to calculate the wetted surface area, but when using the feature, the result is  'NULL' . It said that it can not calculate displacement quantities [triangle orientation inconsistent].

Can you give me some advice on how to solve this problem.

Thank you.

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