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Mr. Humberto Nakanishi

Re-use Generic Interation with new projects

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Hello all,

I created a project to integrate a program into the framework.
Now I want to use this program into another project. 

I tryed the copy/paste procedure, but the files connections were losten.


How id the best way doing this?



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Hi Humberto,


Actually it is a little complicated to re-use an already set-up software connection.

We are working on a smarter solution which do the job in a mouse click, but for now you have to perform the following operations:


1. Export the wanted definition by right-click onto it in the object tree and chose "Save Definition" from the context menu.

The definition stores all necessary information of a software connection, e.g. all set-up input and output files.

You find all definitions in the leftmost tab of the object tree. The one with the "P" symbol on it.


2. Import the definition in a new project by typing "importGenIntDefinition()" into the console.


3. Create a new software connector.


4. Connect the imported definition with the new software connector by setting it to the configuration of the software connector.

You find the configuration in the "Connections" tab of the object tree.

Select the configuration and expand the "General" section by clicking on the little three-dots symbol (...).

Now select the imported definition.


5. The software connector will be reinitialized with the imported definition.


6. If you want to clean up your project you can delete the no longer needed definition which was created with the software connector and formerly set to the configuration.




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