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  1. Hi, Just a little reminder on how to speed up an optimization run if it comes to many designs (>500). Unset the "Refresh Results Table" button in the leftmost position of the tool bar of a Design Results Table (see pic). It will prevent the table from updating after each new design. (By the way, this is a global setting and works for all Design Results Tables.) Because all statistics and bars have to be re-calculated and the entire table has to be re-drawn whenever a design is added to the table it consumes a certain amount of time to do this for many designs. In addition the update process takes longer the more designs the table contains. If the "Refresh Results Table" button is unset the table updates only once after the run has finished. But of course, you can always toggle the "Refresh Results Table" button while the optimization is running to refresh the table manually. Cheers Ben
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