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Importing problem

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I received a 3D scan of the ship's hull from the project executor, but it turned out to be done with Artec Studio in PLY file format. Of course, this is my mistake when I did not specify in what extension the 3d model should be made. What can I do in this case? Is there any tool or plugin that allows me to import this format, or should I contact the executor to give me an IGES or STEP version? I am not a pro in this kind of questions, any help will be appreciated.


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Hi Louise,

I am not familiar with this specific format. If you can get your hands on a IGES, STEP that would be very comfortable. An STL will also be good and I think it's more likely they have this available from a 3D scan. 

Otherwise you can check if maybe the PLY contains not much more than point coordinates anyways. In that case, you could write a feature to import the file on your own.



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