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Image Library Failure

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I integrated CAESES to Ansys Interface. My model was imported as .FSC . But I could not connect ANSYS Geometry Model to generate mesh. 

I receive a warning as "the image 'cad _acis' does not exist within the image library". 

I am sharing a screen shot about my problem below.

Thank you


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Hi Armagan,

Your fsc file seems to be with no problem.

I would like you to check,

1) if the path mentioned on the second line is still correct.

Please be sure that your fdb/fdbc file is still at the same location. If not either recreate an fsc file or just change the path.

2) if your license allows you import acis file. You can easily check this by trying to import an acis(sat) file in DesignModeler or SpaceClaim.

3) if a geometry is exported in CAESES. Maybe your geometry has failures and it creates an sat file with no data.

Please let me know the results. If the problem is still not resolved we can have a quick web-meeting as well.

In that case please write an email to erdem@friendship-systems.com



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